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Power Plant Scrubber Stone

Installation of sulfur scrubbing systems on existing industrial and utility power stations plus construction of numerous new power generating plants is placing ever-increasing pressure on the nationís limestone industry to supply high quality sorbent material in enormous quantities. E. Dillonís extensive reserves of both dolomite and calcitic material position it to respond to this demand.

The increasingly popular technology of Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) combustion meets the industry target of having the ability to cleanly and efficiently burn marginal fuel streams such as low Btu gob-pile coal and high Btu, but low volatile petroleum coke. Petroleum coke combustion especially needs the addition of a cost effective magnesium component to prevent low melt point ash build-up in system loop-seals. E. Dillonís demonstrated ability to produce a dolomite particle size distribution meets the requirements of these systems.