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Miller, Christopher M. (Mike)
276.971.4630 (cell)
Manager, Architectural Sales
Sales, Aggregate & Mine Products
Segmental Retaining Walls/Architectural Concrete Masonry

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Coal Mine and Gas Well Roads

E. Dillon and Company has supplied construction aggregate to the coal mine and gas well road construction through boom times, natural disasters like the Grundy flood in 1977, coal mine explosions, and every type of demanding delivery imaginable.

Through the years, Dillon has partnered with our customers to bring innovation to the road building process. One such product is our 3” crusher run, designed especially for coal and gas well road building. For extreme wet conditions, Dillon developed the XL size (6”-12”) and the 6” mix (6”- 0).

E. Dillon and Company’s reputation for service is unsurpassed in the industry. Dillon takes pride in meeting our customer’s needs; we go to great lengths to service our customers.

In addition to the above attributes, Dillon’s greatest strength is the overwhelming quality of its dolomite. Regardless of your application, buying the best material available—dolomite—will pay dividends for many years.