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Miller, Christopher M. (Mike)
276.971.4630 (cell)
Manager, Architectural Sales
Segmental Retaining Walls/Architectural Concrete Masonry

EverLoc™ Segmental Retaining Walls

E. Dillon & Company is proud to offer EverLoc® Retaining Walls. Whether you need a commercial retaining wall or you are beautifying your residential landscape, EverLoc EverLoc® is the retaining wall for you! A lightweight, one square foot unit is available in two styles; the Traditional Series and Full Series. Each style can be used separately or combined. Radius edges and dress joints make EverLoc™ one of the most versatile retaining walls on the market today. Dress joints have exactly the same appearance as "real" joints between units (in the wall). Advantages include multi-piece appearance and flexible bonding options. EverLoc® uses a lug and groove bi-directional locking mechanism assisting in alignment and installation speed.

You are sure to appreciate the elegant, upscale appearance that only EverLoc® can give you. Click on the “product line” link to learn more about sizes and styles that make up EverLoc®.