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In the early years following the Civil War, a former confederate officer, Col. Edward Dillon started with an idea. He recognized a need for limestone in the Mid-Atlantic region and believed he could barge limestone on the James River from Botetourt County to eastern markets. Shortly thereafter, a limestone producing company was formed that was to endure for generations. Now, after more than 140 years, E. Dillon & Company, one of the oldest companies in America, continues to serve.

Originally operating on the James River near Buchanan, Virginia, the company used manpower, mule power, and steam power to produce its products. But as the years pass so do the ways we operate. Being in business for over 140 years has required continual modernization and replacement of facilities. E. Dillon & Company now operates on a 700 acre site at Swords Creek, Virginia and serves as a major employer in Russell County. Our facility, being on the Clinch River in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains is a constant reminder to us of our obligation to be friendly with our natural environment. Our plants are pollution free and we strive in all that we do to remain in harmony with our beautiful natural setting and our neighbors.

At our Swords Creek location, we produce and sell construction aggregate, mine safety dust, agricultural lime, and mineral fillers for glass, plastics and other compounds. We also produce a complete line of concrete masonry products that include mine block, lightweight and normal weight block for commercial and residential use, and our popular Premier Line™ Architectural Concrete Masonry Units. Our manufacturing facilities include a Crushing Plant, a Fine Grind Plant, a Block Polishing Plant, and two Block Plants. All of our plants are modern, high tech, state of the art facilities.

But the strength of the company and the quality of its products do not come from its facilities—they come from E. Dillon’s team of employees. Low turnover rates within the company mean high experience levels and high expertise levels that show in the company’s products and service. Excellent pay rates and benefits help retain an excellent workforce.

Swords Creek is located in the center of the eastern United States, which places us within 500 miles of two thirds of the nation's population.

E. Dillon continues to add to its unique history with its Premier Line™ architectural products, led by the flagship Reflective Series, with projects throughout the United States from California to Maine to Florida—and in Canada, too!

New history is also being made with the company’s new EverLoc® retaining wall products which represent true advancements in appearance and installation ease.

Edward Dillon would be proud to see his legacy enduring and growing after more than 140 years under the guidance of today’s Board of Directors, of whom many are descendants of Edward.

E Dillon & Company Board

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Quality.  To E. Dillon & Company it's more than just a word --- it's a total commitment. Providing the best products and services for our customers has been our major objective for over one hundred and forty years. That commitment to quality has made us a leading manufacturer of construction aggregate, mine safety dust, concrete masonry products, and many other products for industrial use. We combine new technology with years of experience to provide products that meet your stringent chemical and physical requirements.

E. Dillon & Company meets your specifications -- day after day, as it has been doing for over 140 years.

Our Story

E. Dillon and Company will soon be celebrating its 150th Anniversary! We are very proud of our heritage dating back to the end of the Civil War. We would like to share our rich history with you! Coming soon, this page will contain old photos, letters, business documents and much more that will provide a trip into E. Dillon’s enduring past.

We are asking for your help! Anyone having information, stories, photos, or articles of any kind they would like to share pertaining to E. Dillon’s history, please send it to Lacie Edwards.

The preferred method is to scan the material into a pdf document and email. Other formats may be acceptable. Please call Lacie at 276-873-6816 to use other formats.

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